Oct 8, 2007

Hittin' It

I started going back to the gym today after work.
I needed to start going again, but I kept finding excuses to not start back quite yet.
Well... today I said "This is it."

I have sort of a Love/Hate relationship with going to the gym.
I really dislike having to pay to exercise and do active things that I could just do at home for free if I were so inclined. But that there is the problem, I need to be doing something at home.
But instead I get home from work, change into comfy clothes and then park my fat butt at the computer, TV, or what-have-you and that's about all the activity I get for the evening.

On the other hand, I really like how I feel mentally after working out. I don't get a "runner's high" or anything, but I just feel better after going to the gym.
Plus it helps to lower my blood pressure and keep me in better shape.

Luckily the gym I go to doesn't cost an arm & a leg, so price is really a small sacrifice in trying to stay healthy in this instance.

While I'm on this topic, here's what my goals are for going:
1) Lower my already borderline high blood pressure
2) Lose the spare tire above my waist
3) Improve my aerobic intake (I'm tired of getting winded after climbing a few stairs)

That's all. No lofty dreams of bulking-up and trying to look like the Hulk or Thor.
I'm not aiming for that "chisled-body" look.
I just want to feel better... physically & emotionally.
(Plus it wouldn't hurt if I looked good naked for a change)

I'll keep you posted on how I'm coming along.


Now... having said all that, get a load of THIS!
I've gotta work out just to get my heart in shape to tackle trying to eat that thing!

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