Oct 18, 2007

October is...

I mentioned earlier on here, but October is Diabetes Awareness month.
I thought it might bear repeating again as this is also Breast Cancer Awareness month.
(I'd tried to find a link to their website, but.... well YOU try to do that while you're at work)

It seems that the Breast Cancer people have a much better PR person, because everywhere lately are products sporting something PINK to make sure you're aware of the disease.
I got a pink plastic grocery bag from the store. I've seen HP copy paper for my computer printer all wrapped up in pink wrap. And a host of other items.
Not that it's a bad thing, mind you.
As a guy who likes breasts (make that LIKES breasts), it's very important that research is properly funded to battle and eliminate this disease.
And odd as it may sound, even men can develop breast cancer. So it's not just a "women thing".

It's just that diabetes is affecting both men and women AND children equally. Kids are developing it earlier and in greater numbers than in the past.
But yet, what are we doing about it? Why isn't this being brought to our attention like breast cancer is this month?

I guess McDonald's wouldn't want to advertise diabetes awareness month on their soft drink cups. That might affect the sales of their Happy Meals.
And what about all the candy that will be given out at the end of this month?
I guess Hershey's and Nestle's wouldn't want to scare off that "traditional fun time" market by putting a "surgeon general's warning label" on their bags of candy. (But really, has that worked to stop people from smoking?)

Anyway, that's my 2-cent rant for today.
Something for you to think about.

Oh by the way.... it's also Lupus Awareness month.

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