Oct 21, 2007

Game Night

Friday night was another adventure.
I'd gotten home from the Ozzy & Zombie concert around 1:00 a.m. in the morning and had to be back up for work at 5:30 a.m.
To say I was dragging is an understatement!

Anyway, Friday night was GAME NIGHT at my buddy, Dug's.
So after work, I was headed to his house.

Game night is for Geeks & Nerds. Jocks need not apply!
It's a gathering of friends and their computers (desktop or laptop) and having a LAN party until the wee hours of the morning.

I've participated in a few, but two things prevent me from really ever being any good and staying for very long;
1) I don't usually play PC computer games, so I'm not really good when everybody else has hours and hours of practice. (I make a really great target, though!)
I'm more of a console gamer. (PS2, Nintendo, etc....)

2) I get really bad motion-sickness from trying to play games on the PC. So I have to dope-up on Dramamine to play. (Which takes us back to #1)

The usual game is Battlefield 1942 or Unreal Tournament, but this time they started playing Team Fortress 2.
If I could get over the motion-sickness these games cause me, I could REALLY get into Team Fortress 2!
That game not only looks cool, it is funny all get-out!

As it was, I didn't bring my computer with me to join in the battle.
Instead I brought my PS2 and played Guitar Hero on Dug's big-ass widescreen HDTV! (I had to break it in for him, you know!)
One of the other gamers brought his guitar controller and between rounds of Team Fortress 2, he came out and joined me on the PS2.

Here are some pics of the group with their computers all networked and blasting the crap out of each other:

I watched them play for a little while until my head started getting woozy, then I went back into the living room to play Tetris on my cell phone or play a solo round on Guitar Hero.

Dug's wife & daughter (my neice) were at another friend's house for the earlier part of the evening.
When they got back they feasted on some of the junk food before heading upstairs to go to bed and "let the boys play".
I read my neice a couple of books while her mom tucked her into bed, then I went back downstairs.

Finally, around midnight, I had to call it an evening and go home.
No amount of Coca-Cola was going to keep me awake any longer.

I packed up my game, said good-bye to the gang and went home.

I don't know how much longer they played, but it's been known to go on until 2:00 a.m.

Another late evening for me, but that wasn't the last one for the weekend.....

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