Oct 16, 2007

Guitar Hero Junkie

Yeah baby!

"Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock" is coming out soon.

I just ordered my copy today.
If you pre-order from the website you got lots of cool goodies.
I got a wireless guitar controller and a carrying bag (for two controllers), plus some other stuff.

(unfortunately hot babe was not included)

I'm looking forward to it getting here, but with the new play features (Boss levels, snapped strings, etc...)
I'm also a little anxious about not getting very far in it and giving up.

The promo videos for it look great;

And this is just insane;

Plus, I'm looking forward to rocking out with Judy Nails again.
(Does anybody even care about the Pandora character?)

If I hadn't gone to George's house-warming party, I never would've been introduced to this sinister game that is consuming my soul. Thanks pal!

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