Oct 6, 2007

Fun & Games

Hotness & I spent the evening with friends, enjoying good food, conversations, some Guitar Hero and the ever popular.... "Pass The Baby" .

Our good friends Dug & Deb moved into a new place a few weeks ago, but finally had a chance to invite friends and extended family over for a house-warming.
We got to see some people we haven't seen all summer, and others that we just saw a couple weeks ago.
It was great to get together with everyone!

We were greeted by the princess of the house:

After we had all eaten and were sort of sitting around, I got to talking with one of the kids about how there wasn't a whole lot of "kid stuff" to do and then we started about video games which led to... you guessed it, Guitar Hero.
He's only 7 years old, but he takes after his dad in that he really likes Black Sabbath.
I mentioned that the game had both "Iron Man" and "War Pigs" on it.
"Whoa! 'War Pigs'?!? That's like my favorite Black Sabbath song!"
So, I ran back home to pick up my PS2 and the games so we could rock out.

When I got back, everyone (who hadn't realized I'd left apparently) asked what I had.
"It's boy stuff!" I told them, and then went to hook it all up.

The kids & I rocked out, and even a few of the parents joind in.

We played while everyone cheered us on.

In the meantime, others were talking and playing "Pass The Baby". (Which only amounts to getting to hold the newest member of our group until she starts to get fussy, and passing her on to her daddy).

All in all, a good time was had.

Plans for camping this fall were set in motion, Game Night at Dug's will include some Guitar Hero, and at Thanksgiving everyone is looking forward to trying out a new recipe I found... Apple-cranberry stuffed pork roast. YUMMY!
I hope your Saturday was just as fun.

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Mmmmm.... pork.