Oct 1, 2007

Got Brains?

Naegleria fowleri
That name probably doesn't strike fear into your hearts... but it should.
Maybe if I called it by it's common name, "Brain-eating ameoba".

I had never heard of it until today, but it was discovered back in the sixties and has this year been responsible for 6 deaths in the United States.

A single-celled organism that latches onto a nerve in your nose and chews it's way into your brain.
..... WTF?!?!
I thought we had enough to worry about with the "flesh-eating bacteria", and then a meteor in Peru making people sick, but now this?!?

Didn't this kind of thing only happen in those sci-fi movies, where they also had outposts on other planets and rockets and transporters and all that?
How come now in the 21st century we've got the killer organisms but NONE of that cool crap they had in the movies?

Is this a fore-shadowing of the pending Zombie-Apocalypse?

I'm stocking-up on shotgun shells, bottled-water, and non-perishables.
I'll see you all after the radiation goes down and it's safe to come back outside.

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