Feb 23, 2008

Arkham Horror

I spent the better of today down in the South End playing Arkham Horror with Dr. Zoltar and some other friends.

I'd never played the game before, so the rules were very confusing and convoluted to me the first time around, but it was very enjoyable and I think I'd have even more fun playing it again. (Now that I actually made it through the game once)

It's kind of a mix of different game styles.
You run around the board collecting game pieces (objects, weapons, clues, etc....), fighting off monsters, jumping through 'interdimensional gateways' and coming back out (hopefully alive) to seal them off before one of the mega-bosses of the game comes to life and wipes up the floor with you.
I liked that you weren't in competition against other players. Everyone works together to finish the game. Some are better at fighting the monsters, while others are better at going through the gateways and closing them off.
Plus you can hand helpful objects to the other players as you pass them on the board. So if you've got somebody who isn't a good fighter but they're walking around carrying a shotgun, they can pass it to another character who is a good fighter and give it to them to use. And vice-versa, maybe your fighter found a 'spell' but can't cast it. They can pass it off to a gate-closer who will put it to good use.

It's probably not a game I'll be buying though.
It's really fun to play with several people, but where I live it'd be hard to get that many people together to play.
Plus, I know Hotness wouldn't really be into it.


In other news... what a great day here in the Northwest!
Although I spent a lot of it in doors, the brief period I was out in it was beautiful.
Hotness actually washed her truck today. (Now if I could just get her to wash mine....)

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Dr. Zoltar said...

I'm glad to liked it! I was a bit concerned because as you mentioned the rules are numerous. But Alex and Matt have played enough that they have the core rules memorized. But I do have to say the game lasted way longer than it normally does. But that could have had to do with 1) two new players and 2) six players total. But in the end we won! And I did have a fun time.

And yes, unless you are a big fan of the game, don't buy it. I don't nearly get to play mine as often as I'd like.