Feb 22, 2008

Sushi Shuffle

I'm still loving my new(ish) cell phone.
By now of course, it's already out-dated but it still does everything I wanted it for.
Plus you can even call other people on it! Go figure. The wonders of modern technology.

Every now and then I download a new game on it, to the point that I'm practically a walking arcade now.
It comes in handy when I just want to kill some time and don't have a comic book to read (or I just finished reading all of them).

Hotness can do the same, but has never had an interest in using her phone for games.
Eh, whatever! She's a girl and girls have cooties. (Just kidding sweety! I love ya! *smooch!*)

Anyway, my point is that I just got another game the other day that I'm really addicted to.
It's called Sushi Shuffle.
It's kind of a cross between Tetris and those slide puzzles you can get from the party store.
And what could be better than combining two of my favrorite things... food & games?

So if you see me hunched over in a corner on the couch, I'm probably just trying to match up pieces of sushi so I can feed the hungry penguins. Or getting Frogger back home safely. Or having a championship pillow fight match with hot co-eds. Or.....

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