Feb 29, 2008

How To (Almost) Get FREE Money

The other day, I got an email from my buddy Technogreek who told me he got me something cool on his recent trip to WonderCon and I only needed to bring $20 bill to pay him back.
Sweet! Cool new comic-related stuff! I wonder what it could be?

So after work, I stopped by the bank to check my account and pick up the cash.
Standing at the ATM I thought, "Hmm... I don't want to get a wrinkly bill from the machine. I think I'll see if I can get a nice, 'crisp' one from the teller".

I walked over to the counter, and asked one of the tellers if they might have a nice, crisp $20 bill that didn't have any wrinkles or folds.
They were very happy to oblige, as they opened the drawer, pulled one out and handed it right over to me.
"Here you go", they said, "will that work for you?"
"Why yes it will indeed", I replied.
Then an awkward pause...
"Um.. do you want my account number so you can take it out of my account?", I asked.
"Oh. Yeah. I guess I should do that", he said, "...or you could just get twenty from the ATM and we can swap bills for you".

That sounded plausible, so I went to do that.
I took about two steps and then turned back around towards the teller.
"Would you like to hold this bill so I don't try to walk out of the bank with it?" I asked.
"Uh yeah, that would probably be a good idea", he answered.

I got my money out of the ATM, switched it with a nice new bill, and went on my merry way.

So you see kids, you don't have to have a gun and a stick-up note to get money from the bank apparently. You just need to be polite.
Of course it probably helped that I was wearing a tie and nice clothes that particular day, instead looking like my usual sloppy self.

Oh! And what exactly did I get from Technogreek?
I haven't found out yet. He didn't make it to the comic store to drop it off that night.
I'll find out on Sunday and let you know.

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