Feb 13, 2008

Pre V-Day Rant

I'm not particularly a fan of Valentine's Day.
It's okay as holidays go, but I think retailers go out of their way to make guys feel inadequate.

"Guys, doesn't your special woman deserve a diamond for Valentine's. Of course she does! And for only the price of 3-months pay, you can prove to her how much you love her."
Yeah, I mean who needs to eat or pay bills for three months anyway?

"Men, if nothing else in your miserable lives, at least on this one day show her you love her by spending wads of cash on her and let her know you care about her. Then you can go back to being a selfish pig the rest of the year"
But what if I'm not a pig and I already show her I care throughout the year?

On the radio the other day I actually heard an ad for how to let your "special someone" know you really love them... by buying them a hot tub for Valentine's.
A hot tub? Really? Are you kidding me?!?

I'm all for letting Hotness know I love her and giving her a card on Valentine's, but I hate being lumped into the 'stupid man' group by the media just because I have XY chromosomes.
The rest of the year, I cook her dinner on a regular basis, I bring flowers home for her on occasion to surprise her, I stick cards in her lunch bag so she finds them at work, I warm the bed up for her before she gets in it, and a ton of other little things.
So really, on Valentine's Day what more can I do other than go broke by spending money I don't have? Besides, I thought money doesn't buy you love.
(I heard you can rent it, though! wacka-wacka!)

If you are truly a selfish prick of a man, then by all means at least on Valentine's Day try to show her you love her by doing something special.
But this media/retail harassment against guys has gotten out of control.

Not to mention that if you're a single person on this day, you're made out to be some kind of freak. And this happens to both guys and gals.
'Cause nothing makes you feel more appreciated than being ostracized by society because you don't have a date on Valentine's.
"Oooh honey, don't get near the single person. You might catch something."

It should be a special day, but I don't think we should be told how to make it special.


On the flip side, I don't hate the holiday THIS much!

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