Feb 21, 2008

New Writing Gig

As someone who really likes comic books as much as I do, I sure don't talk about 'em much on this here blog.

All that is about to change!
I have recently been invited to be a regular poster for the Comic Stop Blog, the official blog of my favorite comic book store.

I'll be posting my thoughts about past, upcoming and current issues, convention reviews and anything else comic book-related that comes my way.
I'll still do some of that on here, but this blog is my personal one so it'll pertain mostly to my experiences.
The other blog will be for getting the word out about books or what's happening at conventions and the shop.

I look forward to doing both and I hope you'll check out the Comic Stop Blog from time to time.
There will be other contributor's on there as well, so there'll always be new stuff to read.


P.S.: I just added a link over to your right under the The Comic Stop.
Oddly enough, it's called The Comic Stop Blog.
So don't confuse them. Okay?

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