Feb 16, 2008

Chillin' With Friends

Spent the day in Seattle with Liz, G-Rod and new friend Kristi visiting the Frye Art Museum for the Robert Crumb exhibit they were having.

Crumb is best known for his work in the underground comics scene of the 60's and 70's. He created a lot of different pieces with memorable characters, most notably Fritz The Cat and Mr. Natural, among others.
There was even a movie about his life, although I haven't yet seen it so I don't know much about it.

It was a very interesting body of work that was on display. There were pieces he'd drawn in his early childhood, sketchbook pages, original comic art from the 60's (during his LSD days) on through his current pieces he's done for the cover of New Yorker Magazine.
Unfortunately we couldn't take any pictures so I don't have any to post here for you, but if you're in Seattle and have a chance to see the exhibit, I recommend it.
(Hotness wasn't able to join us today, but the exhibit runs until April 27th so hopefully we can get back to it before then)

After that, we went down to the waterfront and had lunch at Anthony's and then walked through the Olympic Sculpture Park.

The morning didn't start out looking very nice, but by the time we were through with lunch and were looking at the artwork, the sun had poked through the clouds to say "hi" briefly.

We had met at a Park & Ride to carpool into the city, so we headed back to drop off Liz 'cause she had a hot date later in the day. (Ooooooh!)

G, K, and myself drove back north and ended up doing some shopping.
Well... okay, actually I did all the shopping. They just humored me by being good sports and joining me. Thanks you two!
I picked up a couple pairs of jeans, new dress shirts, a couple of ties and some new shoes.
I've been updating my wardrobe and with my New Year's resolution to wear a tie at least once a week, I've had to get shirts and ties so that I'm not cycling through the same 4 I've have for the last few years.

With the shopping finished, I dropped the two of them off and headed home where Hotness and I shared dinner I'd picked up on the way.

A long, but very fun day!

P.S. More random graffiti found in Seattle:

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