May 26, 2008

Sweet New Ride

I always have to play 'catch-up' when the weekend gets busy and I can't blog and be up-to-date with what's been happening.

So to recap:

Friday: Slow day at work as usual for a day before a long weekend. It's nice 'cause you have a chance to catch up on stuff that's been lingering on your desk, but it's always a pain when we get back and all the new orders start pouring in again. *sigh*

After work, I hightailed it home to meet Hotness and then drive back out to Everett to meet some of the other volunteers from ECCC and watch "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".
How was it, you ask? Well if you haven't yet seen it, wait and see it during a matinee.
Hotness thought it was w-a-y too over the top. I thought the same, although it was enjoyable.
I think it was a bit too heavy regarding the history of the skull and all that, and there were plot holes all over the place. Still, it was nice to get together with friends and see it. Just wish it had been everything we'd hoped for.

Saturday: We got up to go run some errands and not far from our house was a pre-yard sale.
I love yard sales and Hotness loves meeting the neighbors, so we stopped to check what they had. (It was a "pre-yard sale" because they hadn't actually priced anything yet. They were pulling everything out and if anybody wanted to buy anything they'd sell it for a good deal. The actual sale is next weekend.)
I picked up a bunch of random stuff, Hotness shared neighborly info and then we were off again on our way. Home Depot, grocery store, etc... that kind of stuff.

We got back home in the afternoon and did some yardwork. (Which didn't amount to much since it was later in the day). She mowed and I weed-whacked until we decided to go inside and call it a day. We had to get up early the next day, so it we didn't want to overdo it.

Sunday: Got up EARLY (like 5:30-6:00 a.m.). Got ready and left to go to Montesano, WA to check out (and potentially buy) a used riding lawn mower. One of Hotness's co-workers had told her about his parents getting a new mower and was selling his old one for dirt cheap. We've been looking to get a riding mower for about 5 years now, so this was a great opportunity to snag one for almost nothing.
A hell of a long way to drive (like 2-1/2 hours one-way) but we now have a riding mower to tackle our yard with and hopefully keep it under control. (pictures coming up later in this post!)

It was late afternoon when we got back and we had been invited to a bonfire and BBQ at a neighbor's house.
We had a little bit a time to kill so Hotness went to the barn while I replaced the outdoor lights next to the front and back doors. They stopped going 'off' in the morning and were on all the time.
Plus they were dual-intensity lights (meaning they were dim until something moved in front of it, then they would get brighter. Couldn't use flourescent lights in these, so they were adding to the electric bill alot)
I replaced them with standard 'dusk-to-dawn' lights and put in flourescent bulbs. Now they only come on at night and go off in the morning and the light output is much brighter but I'm only using 1/3 the electricity. Hopefully this'll make a difference on our bill soon.

Then... off we went again and hung out talking and eating until after 10:00 p.m.
We had a great time and met some new friends.

Monday (today): Slept in a little and then Hotness went to the barn to tend to her horse, while I got around to visit my buddy Dug and his family.
I hung out with them, had breakfast (mmm... Apple Jacks!) and then played with my niece for a while , as he set up his big scanner so we could get more of my art copied and online.
We played with Polly Pocket and put a puzzle together.
After his scanner was up and running we got these pieces scanned in:
My buddy Technogreek has picked up a few Terry Moore prints for me at the other conventions he's gone to. Here's the latest ones I've gotten;

This was a limited print that Whilce Portacio gave me after volunteering at the ECCC this year;

This was a print a got last year at ECCC. It's Joe Linsner's "Dawn" as Kali:

I hung around for a little bit longer and then headed back home.

It was supposed to turn to crap weather today but it actually warmed up and was really nice.
Nice enough to work in the yard all afternoon... using our 'new' riding lawn mower!
Yeah baby, check it... this is what makes all the ladies swoon for:
And Hotness trying not to fall off:

We worked and mowed and weed-whacked and sweat in the sun all afternoon.

The grass is so tall that even with a couple of nice days of warm weather, it's still too wet to cut it properly. I had to go over it with the weed-whacker just to get it ankle-high. Now if it'll just stay nice for a few more days I can go over it with the mower and should be able to keep it manageable.

Finally we both ran out of energy and went into town to get ice cream and call it a weekend.
And that's brings us to now.
Hotness is in bed asleep and I am bloggin' it up to keep you all informed of the latest news.

4 things people had to say:

Dr. Zoltar said...

Nice new mower! With your yard, you need it. I can't imagine how long it took you with a push mower.

I saw the new Indy movie this weekend as well. Blah! Lucas needs to retire. Or give his scripts to someone to tweak. There were too many items in this movie that were over the top or forced. My favorite was after Indy blows up the tree cutter vehicle (that is being used to make a road in the jungle) two other roads just appear parallel to each other so that they can have their car chase scene. I'm sorry I paid full price to see this mockery.

But as a prequel to Close Encounters of the Third Kind is wasn't bad.

: )

Anonymous said...

Who is that studmuffin in the orange shirt on the riding lawn mower. That's right, I AM swooning- or something like that-LOL.

Elwood said...

I liked the movie...I didn't go into it wanting to think about it too hard, and it worked for me.

Nice mower, too. I could do my lawn in 5.7 seconds with that thing, if I mowed my own grass. Which I don't.

Ferretnick said...

J - Truth be told, we had a friend mow it with his riding mower or we just didn't mow it. It's too uneven to push mow and it's gets to high to even try after it's been raining a while.
One year we just let the yard go and had a nice field for the wildlife to frolic in.

Anonymous - "Studmuffin" is my middle name. Ka-chow!
Right after, 'comic geek', 'yuppie scum', and 'cranky old fart'.

T - I enjoyed the movie, but I definitely had to put my brain on hold while I watched. I think I'd go again with my budddy who still hasn't seen it yet, just to see if I really did or did not like it.