Jun 29, 2008

Camping: Denny Creek

I Just got back this afternoon from a weekend of camping at Denny Creek Campground, just off I-90 near the Snoqualmie summit.
Here's a map... we were at site # 28.

Hotness couldn't make it with me this time, as she's been feeling under the weather off and on, and she wanted to make sure she was well rested and better before we leave on vacation next week.
So G-rod and myself took off after work and headed to the mountains to meet up with the rest of our group.

This marks the third year we've gone to this campground. It's really nice, not very far from home, and there are several good hikes in short range from the campground.
Not that I actually took advantage of hiking this time, mind you.

Rather than bore you with details about people you probably don't know, I'll just post some pictures from our weekend with captions about what was happening.

Saturday morning I got up and started working on breakfast for the group.
It was in improvised dish I had made a couple of years back (at this very campground) and thought it'd be fun to try it again for everyone.
First you toast some pin nuts and then cook up some sausage.
Mix up some biscuit dough (I use the Bisquick "just add water" mix from the gorcery store).
Then you put a layer of the dough on the botom of your pan, top it with the sausage and nuts and cover that liberally with cheese. Put on another layer of biscuit dough....

Then pop it into a Dutch oven and let it bake for about 1-1/2 hours.
(Nothing ever gets rushed in camp!)
And when you're finished, it'll come out looking something like a Shepherd's Pie.

Mmm-mmm Yum!
Who can resist something BAKED for breakfast at camp?
Needless to say, it was gone quickly.

Here's my 'home away from home'.
Notice the sturdy contruction and reinforced walls that will withstand even a grizzly bear attack.

Can't forget my camp Gnome.
He guards the tent 24/7 when I'm camping.

We made some sunprints, thus taking advantage of the very sunny sky

which didn't appear to have any clouds, but the moon was hanging around letting us know it was still there.

Some of us went for a walk around the campground with the little ones.
It was late June and nearly 90 degrees F but there was STILL snow on the ground!

Pretty much everything else we did at camp was sit around and enjoy each other's company.
And eat. Lots of eating but also talking.
Oh! And drinking!

Here is mix-master Ferretnick making up a marvelous menagerie of Mojitos!

A few mushrooms and some Bleeding Hearts.

That evening, we sat at the fire and made s'mores. This time I jazzed 'em up a bit and used pieces of carmel stuffed into the marshmallows. While toasting them, the carmel got all nice and gooey and went exceptionally well with the graham crackers and chocolate.

We stayed up way too late on Saturday night, and then got up again on Sunday to another beautiful day.
We had to pack up and be gone by 1:00, but there was still time to make a fire and sit around before we broke camp.
Around the fire, we toasted biscuits on a stick (mmm... we love our biscuits in camp!)

And then covered them in melted butter and cinnamon and sugar.

G-rod and I packed up our tents and got the car loaded.
I stopped for a moment to take a self-shot of me in my 'sexy' new hat.

And then the l-o-n-g (not really) ride back home.
"Who farted?!?"

Vacation is coming up soon, so posts may be a bit sparse for a while.
I'll let you know before we go, but I didn't want you all to think I've abandoned you.

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qtilla said...

We're going to have to start inviting you to our camping trips... you and your delicious recipes!

Elwood said...

That dutch oven dish looked yummy!

star said...

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