Jun 4, 2008

You Know What's Cool?

Getting unexpected surprises like this:

My buddy Technogreek texts me today on my phone and asks if I'll be stopping in at the Comic Stop tonight after work.
"Sure", I told him.
"Cool. There's something for you at the store tonight. I hope you like it", he replies.

Since he's always going to conventions, he usually brings back nifty posters, sketches, toys, etc. for his friends.
I've gotten a more than a couple of Terry Moore limited prints from him this way, so I'm thinking "What could it be this time?"
Turns out it was this awesome "Thank you" sketch from Steve Rolston!
(He even posted it on his journal.)

I've known Steve since the first Emerald City Comic Con and so I see him every year as I'm running around doing my volunteer thing.
This year he was at the Calgary Expo and ECCC so I got to see him twice.
I kept him going at both shows by bringing him Red Bull energy drinks and this was his way of saying thanks.
I even got a bonus with this sketch, as he left some of his DNA on it.

(Now I can clone him and get MORE sketches! Bwa-ha-ha!)

Thank you Steve for this "Totally Radical" ninja Turtle sketch! I love it!


Technogreek got a pretty nifty sketch from Steve also!

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Elwood said...

Totally Radical! That's a sweet sketch.