Jun 11, 2008

Off. The. Hook.

I've been kind of waiting to mention this on here 'cause I wanted it to be a surprise when it showed up at the house.

.... Which it finally did today!

I've been looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of:
It finally arrived in the mail today and I watched it as soon as I got home.
All 96mins of blood-spattered action of it!

I'm hoping we can get a group together to watch it so I don't want to give anything away but if you want to read a review about it, Chris Sims has a pretty decent one his blog that doesn't give away too many spoilers.
This movie is like any good kung-fu chop-socky flick (or porn for that matter).
There's only enough dialog to get you through to the next action scene, and this movie has action scenes aplenty!

In fact, within the first 10 minutes four guys are killed, with the equivalent of 20 guys worth of blood spraying out over the screen in beautiful coagula-vision!
It's a thing of beauty... if by "beauty" you mean to say that you like Japanese schoolgirls going on a bloody, revenge-seeking rampage. Which I do.
Anyhoo, all this violence and revenge makes me want to blow something up.
Guess I'll play some video games now.

I wonder if I could get this hooked-up to one of my arms?

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Elwood said...

Dude...say the word, I'll come watch it with you. That movie looks awesome!