Jun 27, 2008

Wookin' Pa Nub

Just when you think you've heard the latest dumb scheme from somebody trying to get noticed on the interent.... along comes somebody else.

This single, 42-year old is just trying to find love AND sell her house at the same time.
"Marry a Princess lost in Amercia" she wrote in one of her ads.
Pee-yew! Better get my boots on, it's getting deep in here.

Bonus points if you knew what the title of this post was from before I gave it away.

4 things people had to say:

Wicked Juan said...

I'm making that face where my eyes get really wide and I say nothing.

Will you be at Poker Night?

Elwood said...
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Elwood said...

Never mind...I think I'm being all smart and stuff, and didn't even comprehend that you posted the video. Der. Carry on...nothing to see here.

Dr. Zoltar said...

Ad translation: I can't afford the house nor raising my two daughters anymore (because I'm not working) so I'm willing to "sell" myself to a sugar daddy who will take me on European vacations. Here are two photos of me in awkward poses showing off my new after market breasts. I promise that our relationship will come in a whopping third after my caring for my daughters and rolling around in your money vault.