Jun 6, 2008

Not Getting Involved

What ever happened to being a Good Samaritan and helping people out when something happens?

A co-worker just showed me this video (it's a little disturbing but nothing graphic, so it's safe for work) about a guy who gets hit by a car while people just watch or drive by and NOBODY helps him.

Granted there have been studies done on this sort of behavior, but that's not an excuse to let it happen or condone it.
That no one stepped up and tried to at least check on the guy until the cops arrived is just appalling!

You want to think that people are inherently good inside, and then you see something like this.

3 things people had to say:

qtilla said...

Recently I saw a woman collapse in Target and there were so many people, literally running to help that I said fuck it, and bought my soap.

Perhaps that will make you feel better.

Ferretnick said...

As long as people were helping, then I'm not so upset about it.
But to see somebody get hit by a car (or faint in a store) and not have ANYBODY check to see if they're okay but instead just walk by and look at them.... that's just wrong.

Elwood said...

Says a lot about the litigious nature of our society today. No one wants to help, for fear they'll cause more damage and get sued over it or something. I hope that they were at least all calling 911 while they just stood around.