Jun 7, 2008

National Trails Day

Ugh! Okay, enough with people getting hit by cars and the idiots who just stand around looking at them without helping. (What? Am I still pissed? Does it show?)

Today is National Trails Day.
Judging by the weather outside, it's an awesome day to be out in the fresh air hiking and experiencing nature... if you're a duck, that is.
Pretty much nuthin' but rain all day today and tomorrow.
But, if you're the intrepid sort of person and you don't let a little rain get you down, then by all means go out young man (or woman) and see the world! (or at least a nice spot of nature near where you live)

In Washington State, you can find many good trails by going here. They even have trip reports that are updated frequently so you can check out how a trail is going to be (muddy, storm damaged, well-travelled, etc...) before you get there.

If you're elsewhere in the U.S. of A. you can find out what's near you to go hike by checking out the American Hiking Society webpage and click on your state.

Today is also Duvall Days, so Hotness and I will be there watching the parade and having a fun time in our small-town, country-folk kind of way.

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