Jun 25, 2008

Sex Ed On The Back Nine

C'mon... tell me SOMEBODY had to know about the schedule before this happened.

A group of strippers show up for a breast cancer charity event (to act as 'caddies') just as a group of children are at the golf course for their tournament?
Really? Nobody thought that these two events on the same day couldn't possibly get mixed up?

I guess what bugs me most isn't that the schedules overlapped, but that the adults acted in a manner that wasn't appropriate where children were concerned.
When they got there and saw that there were kids why couldn't they just wait until the kids were gone?
No, they guys were sporting squirt guns and the women were running around in their underwear. (Not that women in underwear... especially strippers in underwear... is a bad thing)
Couldn't they have just said "Oops, bad timing. We'll wait in the limo until the kids are gone."


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Elwood said...

So many jokes about double bogeys, sandtraps, getting your balls lost in the rough, short putts, flags in the holes, and water hazards...so little time.