Aug 4, 2008

Growin' Worms

This weekend I built a worm composting bin.

For those of you not 'in the know' about such things, rather than tossing your table scraps out in the garbage, you feed them to a bunch of worms who chew through it and break it down into a terrific soil amendment.

There are lots of fine articles about it all over the web and in many gardening books.

What's cool about worm composting is that you can do it indoors if you live in the city and don't have a yard to keep a bin in.
The castings (the fancy word for worm poop) works wonders on houseplants.

My bin isn't the fanciest-looking worm holder, but it'll do the job.
I spent tonight shredding up newspaper to put in for bedding before adding the little buggers.

I can mail-order them here, but I think I'll try to find them locally (read: free) if possible.

My goal is to have them break down our day-to-day food scraps while we also compost our lawn clippings in another bin.
Then, when gardening times comes we'll have lots of good, rich soil to grow stuff in.

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