Feb 24, 2008

Ocsar Party (a.k.a Weekend Of "Love")

I can't say I had a whirlwind of events this weekend, but what I did do kept me plenty busy and entertained.

After saving the earth yesterday from the Lovecraftian horrors that were about to descend on us, I took a break and re-grouped myself to attend an Oscar Party at the Love Shack.

A very good friend and fellow tequila lover, John Love, hosts an evening at his house with food, drinks, contests and plenty of TV and chairs to watch the Academy Awards.

This is the ninth annual party he's hosted. I wasn't able to make last year's party due to the flu, so I was really looking forward to being there this year and seeing friends I hadn't seen in quite a while.

We got there about 5:00ish and caught up with people as we made our way outside to find a chair to sit and watch the awards being presented.

Shortly after the show started , John broke out a bottle of Gran Centenario and poured shots for everyone. Mmmm-mmmm! A mighty fine tequila!

Hotness and I stayed and chatted with some folks, discussing movies and making fun of the outfits for a few hours until we noticed it was getting late and we needed to head back home.

So now we're back.
The weekend is just about over and the start of another work-week is about to begin.
I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. The weather was nice here (although I didn't actually spend much time outside taking advantage of it).
You can tell that spring is on the way soon.

In other news, just 8 weeks until I'm off to Canada for the Calgary Expo.
I'm really getting excited. They have a very impressive list of guests this year from a variety of entertainment sources and I'm honored to be one of the chosen few who will be flying up there to help as a volunteer at the show.

Then, just a couple of weeks after I get back, the Emerald City Comic Convention will be taking place. I'll be volunteering at that one as well, doing my usual thing of keeping the guests happy.

As an added bonus this year for ECCC, Dr. Zoltar & myself will be posting a pre-con report Friday night before the show on the Comic Stop Blog.
If you're planning to attend the ECCC this year, you might want to check out our report.
We'll try to let you know of any insider-scoop we have.
(Last year, I hooked-up some folks looking to get sketches. They were going to stand in line and wait, but the only way certain guests were offering sketches was by a donation to the CBLDF or H.E.R.O. Initiative.)

Until next time..... be good!

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