Mar 15, 2008

Adventure Friday

Fistfights! Payday! Near-death collisions! Grilled cheese sandwiches!
With a day involving all of that, it's a wonder I lived to see this morning.

Yesterday started out just like any other day.
Get up, get ready and drive in to work. Answer phones all day and take orders. Blah blah blah....
But it was also payday (finally!) which came at just the right time, since I was out of money and needed to get my comics. It's convenient how that worked out.

During a lull in the day, I managed to post over on the Comic Stop Blog for the Friday Night Fights and get an entry mentioned on Bahlactus's site.
Then after work, I drove over to the Comic Stop to get my weekly dose of four-color crack.

On my way home.... wait. Let me back up a bit.
You know how I sometimes mention that Hotness & I live "way out in the woods"?
Without going into detail ('cause I don't need to post an open invitation to break into my home), we live about 8-10 miles outside a rural farming town. So when I say "out in the woods", it really is.
So, on my way home as I turned off the main road and took the winding road to get home I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting a deer that jumped down from the hillside and into the road in front of me. Luckily I missed him (or maybe it was her), but it just stood there for a moment looking at me. I looked around to try and find out where it came from and saw another one sliding down the hillside and on the road beside me.
I proceeded to drive off slowly and continue home.

I got about a mile-and-a-half away from the house when what should happen? ANOTHER deer leaped out in front of me!
This time it leaped over the guardrail from between some trees. SURPRISE!!!
*Screech!!* Go my brakes again and I missed hitting it.

Round the corner, turn at the fork in the road, go up the hill... and what should happen yet again?!?
No, not a deer this time.
A little black duck waddling across the road!
Luckily I was going uphill and was driving much slower than before, so it didn't take much to miss the little guy, but it was dusk and he was a black duck on an asphalt road so actually seeing him there was lucky. Otherwise he'd have been duck pate under my car.

I pulled into the parking area at our house and went inside.
Hotness was already home and I told her how the little forest critters were out to get me, then I started dinner.
Chicken noodle soup & grilled cheese sandwiches. Easy, quick, and filling. Yum!

Later, I got online to check my email and found out that I had the knockout punch for Friday Night Fights and won a hardcover edition of "Marvel Zombies: The Covers" from Bahlactus.
Awesome! Not bad for a first time try!
Then I did my taxes (Yay! I get money back!) and went to bed.

I bought a couple of lottery tickets, so hopefully my luck will hold out this weekend and I can change the name of this blog to "What's That MILLION DOLLAR Smell?"
Don't worry, I won't forget about all of you if it happens.
I'll just have even more interesting stories to talk about. Like almost hitting a herd of zebras with my car while rally racing in the Serengeti. .... It could happen!

Tonight, Hotness & I are going to the ballet.
A post-show review will be forthcoming.
Have a great weekend!

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