Mar 12, 2008

It Ain't Mother's Day

But it is my mom's birthday today.
Happy Birthday mom!
And while she probably will never read this post (let alone this blog), I want her to know that I wish her all the best today and I hope she's enjoying it.
(I'll probably get online later this evening and give her a proper 'birthday-worthy' post, complete with embarrassing pictures!)

In other other news;
Hotness has been out of town the last three days on business. (Not far, though. She's still in the same state.)
She's coming home today, so I guess I should've cleaned up all the pizza boxes and beer cans from the living room before I left for work, huh? Ah well, at least she'll have a surprise when she opens the door, right?
(Just kidding! There are no pizza boxes or beer cans all over. Just porn DVDs. Sheesh! What kind of slob do you think I am?)

I'm glad she'll be back finally.
I never sleep well when she's gone, so I'm looking forward to getting a full night's RESTFUL sleep tonight.
Pretty pathetic, huh?

While I've been up late, I've been able to watch some movies:
A Night At The Roxbury
Ugh! Another SNL skit that should've been killed at birth.

Eh... I liked the story but I didn't like the CGI-enhanced actors. I think this would've been a much better film as live action (with CGI monsters).
... besides, who wants to see a naked CGI-version of Angelina Jolie? Real would've been much better. (Speaking of which, I need some 'alone time' now...)

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