Mar 21, 2008

Science & The Bible.... AGREE!

"It really is better to give, than to receive", says a report in the paper today.
According to the study, people who spent money on others (i.e. charities, gifts for friends and family or even to strangers) made people feel happier and more cheerful.
That's news?

I know I feel happy getting gifts for my friends, but really... they had to do a study on this to prove it's true?
Isn't this just a universal truth whether you believe in the Bible or not?
Or do some people just feel the need for validation in their spending?

I find it a little too convenient that we're hearing about this now as those IRS refund and economy stimulus checks start coming out in the mail for everyone.

Just remember, nothing says 'love' like spending large amounts of money on others.
Now you can feel good about it too.

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