Mar 23, 2008

Good Friday On Into Saturday.....

I had mentioned earlier that my friend Dug and I were making plans to meet up for lunch since I was off early on Friday.

In observance of Good Friday, my company let us out at noon. So I headed over to the Microsoft campus in Redmond to join Dug, get some lunch and take a short tour of the offices.

Not really a lot to report about the tour. We weren't able to access some of the labs, so I didn't get to see the blood, sweat, and guts of the 'inner workings' of Microsoft.

I did, however, get to see how their offices are laid out in a very relaxed environment, the cafeteria, and we visited the Microsoft campus store (where you can buy their software at really low prices!).

(these three pictures of Microsoft were NOT taken by me. I 'borrowed' them from the web)

We also had lunch at an Indian restaurant that was off-campus and is VERY popular. In fact, we got there after the noon lunch rush and it was still pretty packed.
Mmm... Tandoori chicken!

Afterwards, I went home to meet Hotness. She had vehicle trouble and ended up not working that day. It was double-jeopardy for her, as not only did the torque converter go out in her transmission but her horse had colic so she had to call a vet.
Not a very 'good' Friday for her, but all ended well as her truck got fixed and the horse is doing okay and back to his regular self again.

I had to take her back to get her truck, so after dropping her off I headed over to Dug's house to deliver a comic book for him that I'd forgotten to bring with me at lunch.
Well, that and to see my niece. I mean, c'mon... who could resist this little cutie?
She's at that age where you can tell her to say something and she'll repeat it even when she doesn't know what it means. Man that's fun!

Back home to have dinner and then off to bed.

On Saturday, we found ourselves in Bellevue.
Hotness had a hair appointment, so I took off for Bellevue Square Mall.

No incidents of scaring people there this time. I dressed a little more 'upscale' so as to blend in with the locals there.

Also, I didn't end up helping anyone as their personal shopper either, but I did manage to pick up a new tie and three new shirts. One of the shirts being a very sharp white one with French cuffs.
Except for some cuff links, everything else I purchased was on sale for a super-duper price.
In fact, the white shirt was originally $30.50 but I got it for $6.80. What a steal!
I love to shop and I love a bargain... and I'm straight. Go figure.

Her hair done and my shopping finished, we grabbed something to eat before going home and getting ready to leave again for the evening's event.

We bought tickets to go see Greg Behrendt at Laughs in Totem Lake along with her boss, his wife, her boss's brother and his wife. (*whew!*)

Our seats were right near the front since we got there early, so we didn't have to watch the show from the back of the room.

It was awesome. I have Greg' s CD (which is now out of print) and it is some some truly funny stuff.

Afterwards, we got to get his autograph and take a picture with him (or at least, Hotness did).

A very nice guy and we hope to see him again at a show.

So far it's been a great weekend.

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