Mar 12, 2008

More on Mom's Birthday

As I mentioned I would do earlier, here I am with more birthday wishes for my mom.... and an embarrassing photo!

It dawned on me just yesterday that she's just turned 60. Six-oh.
The image I always have of her is in her 40's when I was a teenager, and she hasn't seemed to age any since then. (And I'm not just saying that. If you've ever met my mom, you wouldn't believe she's 60)

So here is the embarrassing picture:
That was taken at my graduation back in the late 80's.
Dig my awesome hair, and my brother is kickin' with his scrunched-up jacket sleeves.
And yes... our mom really is THAT short.

Among her many talents (one of them being an incredible cook... and the person whom I took after in the kitchen!) she is also a cake decorating instructor with many years of experience.

Last year, for the 5th aniversary of the Emerald City Comic Con she did a cake for the guests.

She designed, baked the layers and frosted it over at her place on the penninsula and then transported it over to Seattle during the show and put it all together.
It was a massive hit with everyone at the post dinner get-together.
She even copied the ECCC logo and made it into a frosting decoration!

During the show, I introduced her to several of the guests before the doors opened and then let her and her husband experience the convention while I attended to the guests.

She met Michel Gagne and he gave her an autographed book with a personal sketch.
She met Keith, (a.k.a. Gus F. Martin) from the self-published series "Crater On The Moon", of which I'm one of the characters in his book. (You should check it out. Seriously)
She met Kandrix & Laurie, self-publishers of the comic "A Monk's Tale" and the promoters for the Calgary Expo.
I introduced her to Terry & Robyn Moore, Brian Pulido and his wife, and many other guests from the show.
My mom, who has always supported my comic book habit, became a fangirl that day.
It was awesome.

Mom you rock! Thanks for being you and Happy Birthday!

5 things people had to say:

Dr. Zoltar said...

Dude! I can't believe you have hair in that photo! To me you will always be bald.

Glad you kept the wicked 'stash though.

Ferretnick said...

I not only had hair in my younger days, but I also once sported a mullet with a perm in the back.
It's true!

(Un)Fortunately I do not have any pictures of me from that time.

Dr. Zoltar said...

Darn it! That's ok. In my high school days I had a rat tail. Braided in fact. Weren't the 80's great!

Elwood said...

Is it the lighting in the photo, or are you rocking two-toned glasses there? Looking good, my man.

This coming from the guy who went to his 8th grade graduation dressed as Sonny Crockett.

Ferretnick said...

You are correct. Those are the uber-cool tinted lenses I was wearing.

Sonny Crockett? Nice!