Mar 1, 2008


Hey there! Happy March 1st!

Hotness & I began this month by joining Liz, G-rod and Kristi for a day of fun in and around Seattle again.
We met in Bellevue and had breakfast at Chace's Pancake Corral.
It was pretty good, but the place is popular so it was pretty packed.
We ate quickly and then left so we could get stated on our adventure for the day.
Here we are (from left to right: Liz, Kristi, G-rod, me and Hotness)
After that we headed into Seattle to go to the Seattle Art Museum for the Roman Art from the Louvre exhibit.

We kind of all took our time and viewed everything at our own pace, but the museum got packed very quickly and at times was difficult to navigate through. Eventually we sort of split up and I was the last one to make it through. (I like to read everything but I'm a slow reader and it takes even longer when people keep getting in front of you and blocking what you're looking at)

Everyone waited for me downstairs, but I kind of got lost trying to find my way out of the Roman exhibit and wandered around looking at some of the other stuff on display.

For example...
Some blown-glass sculptures of antlers and skulls:

and an original Roy Lichtenstein painting:

Eventually I found my way around and started to head towards the exit where I got a couple of other pictures of these cars that were hanging from the ceiling:

I met everyone outside and discovered that we had been at the museum for quite a while.
It was well past noon and so we decided to have some lunch before doing any more sightseeing.
We decided to have Mexican, which was kind of mediocre (we've had better, that's for sure) and then walked to Zanadu Comics. I wanted to pick up a couple of books, and I knew they'd have them. (Sure enough, they did)

From there we went to Pike Place Market to get some coffee (or at least Hotness & I did) and find a restroom. Not necessarily in that order.

We also checked-out a toy store called the Dragon's Toy Box, where I picked up a couple of new Smurf characters. (That still doesn't make me gay or anything)

The morning looked kind of gray and overcast, but when we got to Seattle it had cleared up and the sun was out.... until about now.
We left the toy store and went outside to walk back to the car and it started to rain.
Nay! It started to rain and hail on us. Terrific.

By now it was almost 5:00 p.m. and the sky was getting dark so we called it quits and all headed back home.

Hotness and I made a detour into Redmond to pop into the new Comic Stop location in Redmond Town Center.
We hadn't been into the new store since it opened so we popped in and said "hi" to Mike and also make use of their 'facilites' where we were introduced to "Evil Lynn".
I was so startled, I almost lost bladder control. Luckily I didn't and took this quick pic to capture my moment with her:

We got home, picked up the mail and got into PJ's to lounge around the house in.

Another 12-hour day filled with fun and friends.


A few more random pictures from today:

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