Mar 5, 2008


Tonight I met up with my buddy G-rod.
It's new comic book day, so we went to the Comic Stop to pick up our latest issues. (BTW: "ECHO" came out today. You did get a copy, didn't you?)

Then we drove to Costco so he could get a few things.

While we were there, we saw that you can now buy caskets at Costco.
You know, why pay retail prices when you can get them for wholesale... and in bulk apparently?
I'm not kidding, check it out:

So besides that, I saw deodorant that is so strong it's more maximum than 'maximum strength'

Does this mean it's actually 15x stronger?

Mmmm.... hot dog lovin'

I hope they don't forget to use a 'condom-ent'.

Hey G, smile for the camera!

When we got done, he loaded his car and took off.

I needed to get some gas and if I get at least 10 gallons at Shell I can get a FREE collectible microfiber towel. Woo-woo.
Although, what makes it 'collectible' is up for debate, but whatever.
So I managed to squeeze just over 10 gals. into my car:

And got a tacky, brown microfiber towel to clean the inside of my car with.
(You actually get to choose between brown, red, or yellow. I guess your choice of colors is what makes them collectible.)

Yippee! A free towel!

Well, that was about the highlight of my day.
What can I say? It was pretty slow today.

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