Mar 19, 2008

Personal Shopper

Today went okay for the most part... until my boss left me hanging out to dry with a customer.
Yeah, good times at the office.

Aside from that, I met up with Senor Mysterioso himself... G-rod.
We drove up to the Comic Stop to get, what else? Comics. (if you were going to say "crack" you'd almost be correct)
Saw Technogreek and caught up on the latest, then went over to the mall to pay a bill and spend more money.

G & I went to Macy's so I could make a payment on my credit card and while we were there I wanted to look at a few new dress shirts and ties.
I should mention that my New Year's resolution to wear a tie at least once a week is still going strong. I was wearing one today, along with a nice dark blue shirt and black slacks.
I was looking sharp, if I might say.

So I'm standing there. Mixing and matching up ties and shirts and getting G's opinion when a woman came up to me and asked if I worked there.
I told her I didn't and she apologized.
She said, "I'm sorry to bother you. You just seemed to know what you were talking about and I thought you might be able to help me."
I told her if she had a question it would be no trouble to ask me. I might actually have an answer for her or could find someone who did. All I was doing was killing some time shopping.
She explained that she and her fiance were about to get married and she was looking for a particular type of shirt / pants / tie combination for him to wear.
The shirt she wanted to get needed to have French cuffs, but there weren't any to be found at Macy's in the style she was looking for.
I suggested she try Nordstrom's, and she said, "Yeah, they have them there. But with the pants, tie and vest it's over $400. I just can't afford that much."

I told her that if it were me, I would piece a few separate items together into one nice, whole outfit. Maybe get the shirt at Nordstrom's if they had what she wanted and find the pants, etc. elsewhwere. This seemed like a good idea to her also, so we went off to look for a pair of pants.

Shortly after that, I got a call from my buddy Dug who I'd been trying to contact before this Friday. (I'm off early, and we talked about meeting for lunch if that ever happened)
I turned around to see that the woman was back with a something in her arm and waiting to ask me another question. I got off the phone and she asked if I would mind looking to see if the pants she'd found would go with the vest she was holding.
The pants were black with a very fine, thin pinstripe but the vest was a solid black.
As she was holding them together, I just looked at it and my face kinda scrunched-up.
"It doesn't look right, does it?" she asked. "Mmmm... not really," I said.
She had mentioned that her husband worked in construction so I suggested that perhaps he would feel a bit overly-dressed by having a vest, since he's probably never dressed up like this before. He might be more comfortable in just the pants and a nice shirt and tie. She thought about it for a moment and said, "Yeah, I think you're right. He might think it's a bit too much."
"Do you think just a shirt and tie would be okay with these pants for him?" she asked.
I said based on what she'd told me about him, I thought he'd be more comfortable and still look very dapper if she went with that ensemble.

We went and looked at a few ties, and I found one that had a woven paisley print in black. When you moved, it caught the light just right and had a slight eggplant color to it (which happened to match the color in the trim of her dress).
She loved it and thanked me for being such a help.
I said it was no trouble at all and I'm glad I could offer assistance. Then I wished her congratulations and good luck for her wedding.

I also picked up a few more ties and even a nice, new copper-bottomed sauce pan to use in the kitchen. (They were having a really good clearance sale!)

When G and I were finished we took off to get my car so we could each head home.

Now I'm home and trying to wind down from the day's events.
We'll see what tomorrow brings....

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