Jun 19, 2007

Update Time

I just added some art to my Comicartfans.com page.

Thanks to my good friend Doug, who has a really big scanner, we were able to get the big pieces online.
But... since I'm technically not allowed to post prints (only ORIGINAL art) on the Comic Art Fans site, I'm posting a few of the other cool things I have here.
(I know.... I can see you're just too overjoyed about it)

The first one is the "Strangers in Paradise" anniversay print. I got it directly from Terry and Robyn Moore when I emailed them about purchasing some original art from them. They gave that to me as a bonus. (They are such wonderful people!)
The other two were given to me by my good friend Jim. He was in New York on business the same week that the wrap party was happening, and picked both of these prints up for me 'cause he knew how much of a fan I am of Terry's work. (Thanks again Jim!)
Heh heh! Naked women and monkeys! Always a good combination!
I picked this print up at one of the smaller comic book conventions in Seattle quite a few years ago. The artist is Aaron Lopresti and he's done a lot work in comics.

A couple of rock posters done up by comic book artists.
The first is by Dave Johnson, and although I wasn't at the show on the poster, I did go that concert when it came to Washington at the Gorge. It was great. Lot's of Van Halen songs by the former lead singers.
The other poster is by Tera McPherson. I met her at one of the earlier Emerald City Comic Cons that I volunteered at a few years back. She was a very sweet person. I had the pleasure of seeing her again at Flatstock when they were at Bumbershoot in Seattle two summers ago.

Hmmm... that's all I have for now.
Go check out the rest of my comic art (if you haven't already) by clicking the link for it on the left.
Or click here if you're too lazy --> Comic Art Fans
Be good 'til I get back.

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