Sep 18, 2007

Ask Ferretnick

I got this email in my inbox at work today, and thought it was a good topic to cover here on the blog.
It came from a good friend of mine and made me chuckle when I read it.
Here's our email conversation:
"Is 'fat bottomed girls' a bad term? I have this song playing on my computer. You think is wrong to play in a room full of women?"

Hmmm…. good question.
I’ll break it down into three parts and answer it.

>> Is “fat bottomed girls” a bad term?
That depends on who it is directed at.
It’s not necessarily a “bad term”, but some people (mainly women) might find it offensive. Others, might like the fact that somebody notices that they have some “junk in the trunk”. For example: Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara , or Keyra Augustina.

>> I have this song playing on my computer.
Is it playing loud, or do you have head phones on?
Unless they don’t like the band QUEEN, I can’t see that it would be a problem. Especially if it’s playing quietly and not a nuisance.

You think is wrong to play in a room full of women?
If I remember right, I don’t think you have any women in your office that have anything to worry about.
Again, I think if they didn’t like the band they’d be more inclined to not like the song, but not be offended by what it’s about.

All that being said, if you feel awkward about playing it in the office… then don’t. Better safe than sorry, especially since you work in a law firm.

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