Sep 3, 2007

Laying Some Pipe

On my voice-mail (while I was camping) I got a message that said: "When you get home, you can help me lay some pipe....".

Well, I can certainly do that! Let me just pack up my gear and head home!

Unfortunately that wasn't what Hotness had in mind.
She had actually had our neighbor come over with a trench-digger and dig a 120 foot trench in exchange for some wood. (No... this wood.)
We spent today putting it all together and burying it in the ground. Ugh! Talk about celebrating LABOR Day!

Putting in the box and attaching the pipe was a snap.
Rolling out 100 ft of pipe into the trench was easy.

Putting a protective "sock" over the end (to keep silt out) was no problem.

But burying it all back up with dirt?
Yeesh! I'm tired just thinking about it!

It needed to be done, though.
There's a creek that runs through our backyard and it used to run-off into the woods and spill out into a swampy area that fed into another creek.
The last couple of years, however, it started to make a new path into our front yard and has been making a muddy mess of one side of it.
Now we can direct the flow and keep it from draining in the front where we're trying to make a pasture.

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