Sep 29, 2007


I'm always behind the times when the cool stuff gets announced, so I'm sorry if you already knew about this...

Coming up in about a month (November 2007) some folks at Nikko in Japan are selling a replica of R2-D2 that has a CD/DVD player, iPod hook-up, audio input/output connectors, USB and memory card slots, integrated speakers, and a projector to display images or movies onto a screen.

Plus, it's remote-controlled so you can make it roll around wherever you choose while it "boops" & "beeps" with real Artoo sounds from the movies.

They announced it last January, but I just saw an article on it this last week.

They're only going to make a limited number of about 1000 of these, so if you want to get one you'd better hurry. They're pretty pricey too, at about $2500 or so.

There's an article about them here, but go to the Nikko website and check out the specs for it.

This thing looks awesome!
If I wasn't already broke from buying comic books, I'd get one.

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