Sep 23, 2007

Birthday Party

On Friday Technogreek celebrated his 30th birthday! Happy Birthday fella!

To honor the occasion, a group of us got together on Saturday and made it a day to remember with him.
First up: Racing, followed by some fine Mexican eatin', and completed by playing video games.

We were to race go-karts at K1 Speed in Bellevue.
Hotness & I got there early so we played some pool and waited until the rest of the gang showed up.
Here's Montana Slim putting the moves on the table:

After a while, everyone started trickling in and we got ready to race.
The K1 Speed crew is friendly and safety-conscious. We were given a brief review of what the flags mean, how warnings are given and all that. Then they showed us the karts and explained how they handle.
After that we got our helmets on and got ready to race!
(The 'sock-head' ninja gang!)

Technogreek and myself ready to roll.

The racing was very fun indeed, but unfortunately none of the pictures came out really good of us actually ripping around the track.
We had a qualifying race to get our best time and then another race to determine the winner.

Medals were awarded and pictures taken of the winners.

Look at Technogreek! He's trying to sneak into 1st place. That rascal!

After racing, most everybody was a bit shaky, myself included. We decided to walk over to Tu Casa for a late lunch of Mexican food.
Technogreek and his big birthday smile.

I was feeling pretty nauseous from the race so I came in, gave my order and then waited outside a bit to get some fresh air. It wasn't working. I was getting paler by the second.
Hotness came out to check on me and we decided I'd better get home before I got any sicker.
So she bid us adieu and we headed home (and thus, didn't get to partake of the fine companionship during the food portion of the day).

It was about a 1/2-hour ride back to our house, and every minute I felt worse and worse.
I almost made it home, but at about the last mile my will-power and stomache gave up and motion-sickness finally took over.
I felt rotten. When we pulled into the driveway, it was all I could do to get out of the car, take off my clothes and get into bed.
Hotness said I was asleep and snoring within five minutes.

I napped for about an hour or so, then she came in to check on me.
I was feeling quite a bit better, but I took some Dramamine just to be safe and a couple of aspirin 'cause my head hurt. Then I ate something to put back in my stomache and felt 100% better than I had earlier.

We didn't want to poop out on the birthday boy's big day, so we decided to try again and meet up with them at his brother's place for cake, ice cream and video games.

Thank goodness I was feeling better. The rest of the evening was great fun.
We played some Guitar Hero on the Xbox 360, then some of the gang played Mario Strikers Charged on the Nintendo Wii.

Others played a vicious game of POUNCE.

Finally around 11:00 p.m. or so, Hotness and I called it an evening and said goodbye to everyone.

We drove back home, fed the cat and went to bed.

I'm bummed that the racing made me so sick, but I've found out as I get older that I'm becoming more susceptable to motion-sickness.
At least we had a great time and Technogreek had a 30th B-day to remember!

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