Sep 17, 2007

She Was A Stone Cold Killer

Many girls (and even a few boys) have idolized her since she rose to fame back in 1959.
But little did those youngsters know about her dark side.

Yes, I'm talking about Barbie.

She dominated the doll world by slaying her competition.
And with constant plasic surgery, no-one could pin the crime on her as they couldn't ID her in a line-up of possible suspects.

Well, her crimes have finally caught up to her and now it's time for her to face the music.
Barbie has a date to "ride the lightning". Sit on "Old Sparky's" lap.
You know.... die by electrocution.

Here's a photo of her after her arrest:

Notice the glassy stare that is typical of alcohol and drug addicts.
She's even smiling as the police haul her away, probably thinking she would still get away with her crimes.

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