Sep 20, 2007


Yesterday morning, before I was talking like a pirate, Hotness woke me up for work.
I had forgotten that she was working from home this day, so it seemd rather odd that she woke me up rather late (about 45 minutes after I normally get up) and asked me if I'd like some coffee before I left.

Now let me back up and explain a couple of things.
1) Even on days that she works from home, she hardly ever makes coffee at home. She always goes into town and gets her morning java at the local shop and then comes back.
2) On the rare occasion that she doesn't go into town, she makes a cup of instant coffee. Never brewed fresh.

So as I was still trying to wake up, I asked, "You mean... brewed coffee? From the coffee maker?"
"Yeah. How many scoops do I use?", she replied (she hasn't used our new maker yet. Only me).
"Uh... three scoops. That'll make it kinda strong, but I like it and you haven't said you don't like it when I make it" I told her.
Off she went, into the kitchen to go brew up a pot.

I staggered out of bed, got my clothes on and wandered into my office (to post yesterday's blog entry, no less!) and it dawned on me that she was working from home today when I saw her office door open and her computer on.
So I'm typing away when suddenly I hear "Honey, the coffee's done..... but I think I did something wrong."

Into the kitchen I go to see what damage has been done.
There on the counter is her cup and the coffee maker. She was standing in front of it.
"So what did you do?" I asked.
"I don't know. It brewed but when I took the pot off, the filter came out. It just fell right out of the maker" she said, "I don't know what I did."

I'm looking at the maker, the counter, her cup.... I can't see anything wrong. I've got a puzzled look on my face, so she says, "The grounds stayed in the filter. They didn't get in the cup. It's the weirdest thing."
I still can't figure out what she did.
Then I looked over to the right and saw the filter basket laying there.
"Uh... when did you take this out?' I asked her.
"What? That? That's supposed to go into the maker?" she answered.

To cut to the chase, she'd put the filter into the machine but not in the filter basket.
When the coffee pot was on the maker, it held the filter in place. But once you removed the pot......

This is why Hotness isn't allowed in the kitchen. It's just a dangerous place with too many moving parts.

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