Jan 18, 2008

That's Just Smurfy

Remember that the Whopper turned 50 years old last year?
Well, "50" is the new "30", so in keeping with that theme here's something else that turned 50 recently.
The Smurfs.

I remember watching the cartoon back in the 80's and it was okay.
I wasn't all that into them, but they were fun to watch on Saturday morning while I waited for Pee-Wee's Playhouse and ate a big-old bowl of Cap'n Crunch.
(Okay... so I have a Hiker Smurf figure on my desk at work. I'll post a picture so you can make fun of me later*.)

So yeah, the Smurfs turned 50 this year and for lots of Smurfy trivia, check out this link.

Did you know there are at least 101 different Smurfs?
And that there are THREE female smurfs? (not just Smurfette?)
Also, did you know there are LOTS of similarities between Smurfette and Paris Hilton?
Yeah... I didn't know it either.

Well, have a Smurfy day!

(thanks to the Presurfer for the heads-up)

* Follow-up: Here's pictures of the Hiker Smurf on my desk

It's not like this makes me gay or anything, though!

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