Mar 5, 2008

You Call That A Small?!?

For lunch the other day I treated myself to Wendy's.
If I leave work right at noon, I can usually get there, order and get out and back to work in about 20 minutes. Pretty good for 'fast food'.

Anyway, I ordered the el Cheapo meal and a 5-piece chicken nuggets. I think my grand total was less than $4 altogether.
The meal came with a 'small' soda, but the cashier asked if I wanted to get a larger size.
"No thanks, a small will be fine," I said.

So she grabbed a 20 oz. cup and filled it up.
20 freaking ounces of soda! That's H-U-G-E!!!

No wonder Americans are fat and diabetic, we keep shovelling in the sugar like that and thinking "well, it's a small so I'm not having too much".

In just 20 years, portion sizes of food of increased radically along with obesity statistics.
See for yourself what portion sizes should be.
You can also take this test to see how portions have changed over the last 20 years.

I'd been trying to be good. I've been working out at the gym and was drinking water or tea at lunch, but thought "Eh, what the heck! I'll get a soda today."
Now I gotta work two-and-a-half times harder to make up for all the sugar I just put into my body.


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