Jul 31, 2008

"Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie...."

Hotness and I were talking one day and I mentioned that when I die I would donate my body to science (or the porn industry... whichever wants me most), and whatever was left should be cremated rather than buried.

She had told me about when her dad passed away and how she and her brother had to go about picking out a 'container' to have him cremated in. They opted for a wooden box, but that for the very budget-minded greiver they offered a plain, old cardbord box.
Looking back, she said it was actually quite funny in a 'black humor' kind of way.

I told her that if they offered a cardboard box, then she could save even more money by burying me in a comicbook longbox. Afterall, why not be put to rest in something I love and people remember me most for?

It made sense to me.

And then I found out about these.... Creative Coffins

Made out of environmentally-friendly products (at least 60% post-consumer recycled paper), they come in an assortment of designs to fit your "style" or you can have one custom-made to your particular tastes.

So maybe you want to have a picture of all the superhero babes crying over your deceased body.
Or maybe you want your coffin to look like the locker you had in high school.
Or perhaps you just want a big, freaking Cannibus leaf to show your love for the ganja.
Now you can!

So I guess this'll be a much better choice than having to cobble together a bunch of longboxes together for me to fit into.

Thanks to the Presurfer yet again!

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