Jul 30, 2008

Gas Scam

A few weeks back, Hotness and I were running separate errands and had taken our respective vehicles to go do them and then ended up meeting later in the afternoon.

She needed to fill up her gas tank so I went to the gas station with her and waited. (Actually I bought some candy & beef jerky while I waited... but that's not important).

On the sidewalk, in front of the station, in full view of everybody at the pumps was a guy sitting and holding a sign that said "Need gas. Ran out".
I thought about helping him, as I wasn't actually there to get any for myself, but then I started to think "You know, it's expensive for everybody. Maybe he did run out of gas but what if he's just trying to get a sucker like me to pay for him to drive around?"

I ended up not getting any and as I've driven by that station since then (several times, in fact) I've never noticed him or anybody else again.

So maybe he did need help and I failed to be a nice guy and help a fellow human with with a couple gallons of gas. (I'm a big jerk!)

Or maybe... just maybe.... he was like this guy:
Officer foils Cadillac driver's free gas plan

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