Jul 28, 2008

Music Madness Monday

I'm going to start an (infrequent) series here on the blog.
Starting today and for the forseeable future, on Mondays (when I feel like it) I'm going to try and dredge up a rock video for your listening pleasure to help start off the week.

I enjoy Elwood's Toy Stories on Thursdays and his Friday funnies, and the comic reviews on Geeked and the ISB. Not to mention The Friday Night Fights.
Me? I got nothing so far.
So I thought I might claim Monday as my day for an weekly continuing post.

Since this is the first one, I thought I'd start with the first letter of the alphabet.

Mind you, I'm not going to claim these are the best videos ever. In fact, if I can find particularly awful ones I'll post 'em just for fun.

Let me know what you think.
I realize this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I thought it was a fun way to start the week. (and it gives me something to search for between posts)

1 things people had to say:

Elwood said...

What an awesome song to start out with! If I still had my high school hair (and dexterity) I'd be headbanging right now.