Jul 21, 2008

Dark Knight, Grilled Tomatoes, and Yard Work

So not a whole heck of a lot has been happening lately... that is, until this weekend.

On Friday night I went and got advance tickets for "The Dark Knight" and my buddy Dug & I went bright and early (like 10:00 a.m.) to see it on Saturday morning.
A lot has been said about this movie and how great it is, so I won't go into that.
If you haven't seen it yet... you should. 'nuff said.
At 2-1/2 hours long though, you'd better bring a "bladder buddy" so you don't miss anything.

The rest of Saturday was kind of uneventful although Hotness started washing the house to make it look all nice and bright.

On Sunday, we got up and went to Home Depot to get some things needed to finish a couple of projects we were doing.
I was rebuilding a planter box in front of the porch and Hotness finished washing the siding on the house.
I had gotten some retaining wall bricks to make the planter, but seriously underestimated how many I needed. We picked up just 14 (yeah, that ought to do it) and brought them home only to figure out I needed to get 30 more!

Back to Home Depot in my car to pick them up. (If you know me, you know what kind of car I have so you can imagine how 'fun' it was to try and fit 30 of these things into my car!)
Made it home and then discovered I didn't have enough dirt for the planter. *sigh*
I'll get it tonight on my way home.
I moved on to a different project and washed the outside windows. It's amazing how good everything looks when you can see!

Getting close to dinner time now, so I lit up the BBQ and grilled some tomatoes and also some zucchini (which I basted with some lemon herb marinade).
The tomato idea came from this recipe but I embellished a bit and instead of just salt and pepper, I used Mrs. Dash and a little Cajun spice seasoning. I also dropped a little bit of feta cheese in the cut side of them. Yum-yum!
Add to this some garlic bread (toasted on the grill, no less) and it was a filling and low-fat meal!
Here's what the tomatoes looked like after they cooked:

I also picked up a toaster oven this weekend.
Taking a cue from Qtilla, I'm trying to use less energy at the house and thought that a smaller (toaster) oven would make more sense to use for just the two of us, rather than heating up a big, ol' regular-sized oven every time.
I'm still trying to get used to it, so I can't say whether I like it a lot or if it's more of a pain in the butt than I need. I'll keep you posted.
(It's got a rotisserie feature, so I'm looking forward to trying that out soon)

Bought some stuff online, but that's going to be the subject of another post.

Hope everybody had a good time this weekend and was able to enjoy this nice weather we're having.

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