Jul 7, 2008

Made It In One Piece

Got a quick chance to get online and let you know we made it okay.
Not that it's much of an endurance run to get here, but with being a Holiday weekend I thought it might be a challenge with traffic.
Lots of State Patrol (in all three states) so I kept it within the speed limit and we got to St. Ignatius in about 10 hours.

We stayed there with friends on their 40 acre spread and just kicked back for a couple of days to visit and unwind before driving the remaining 40 miles into Missoula.

I'm taking lots and lots of pictures, but I'm currently on a dial-up (welcome back to the dark ages) so nothing to show you until I get back home.

So I hope all is well back home and that your 4th of July was enjoyable.

Talk to you all again soon.

BTW: Oracle Batgirl, I didn't know that Alanis Morissette had a new album out but I noticed you had some new songs from her on your blog. I picked up the new CD and it made for great road music!

Be safe.
Be well.
Behave until I get back.

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Oracle_Batgirl said...

Alanis impressed me with this last CD, in a way I found deeply affecting and emotionally satisfying. I'm glad you (and yer girl as she enjoyed the soundtrack of music you both chose) found it worth listening to. :)