Jul 3, 2008

I Blame Elwood

Never one to be too proud to not embarrass myself, I thought I'd follow in Elwood's footsteps and post pictures of Hotness and myself from the 80's.

We didn't know each other at that time, so I unfortunately do not have any prom pictures of us together.
But looking at the pictures now, it's probably a good thing we DIDN'T know each other back then!

Hotness and her prom date circa '86/'87

Gettin' jiggy with a slinky around her neck

Graduation pic '88

Me & my best friend in high school circa '87/'88

I've been rocking a 'stache since I was 14. It just hadn't grown out to it's full 'porn-quality' proportions until I got into my late 20's.
I even sported a mullet breifly, and not just any mullet... but a full on flat-top above and a PERMED mullet in the back!
Sorry ladies, I didn't get any pictures of the sexiness from back then.

Ah... the '80's.
Neon colors. Reaganomics. New Wave. New Coke. Moonlighting. Parachute pants.
The greatest decade of our lives? I say to thee.... yes.

10 things people had to say:

Wicked Juan said...

It's good to know that the moustache has always endured. :)

Elwood said...

Why do I need to take the blame? Jeez.

Those are some serious Jersey Curls that Hotness is sporting in those photos.

We all thought we were so cool back then, eh?

Ferretnick said...

You did post your prom picture first, afterall.
(Or should I be blaming your brother for prompting you to do it?)

And what do you mean "thought we were so cool back then"?
Of course we were! These younger kids of today have no idea what life was like for us back then.
Why I remember the time....... blah blah blah

Elwood said...

I say "thought" because back then is was only supposition. Only with the passage of time, and the mocking of what the "kids are doing these days" was our coolness confirmed.

We could blame my brother. Or we could blame George.

qtilla said...

I vote blame George.

Also: Hotness- punky adorableness. I was kind of gothy in school... you know when it wasn't at all awesome to be so. Stupid fantastic economy and peace, I'm gonna wear all black and be angry and listen to Beck or Tool.

Wicked Juan said...

As the arbiter of All Things George Should Be Blamed For, I accept this notion.

Are we blaming George for how cool we looked in the 80s or are we just blaming him for the 80s in general?

technogreek said...

I'd actually be curious to see you 'stache-less - has that ever happened?

Ferretnick said...

I can count the times I've shaved off my moustache on one hand.... 3 times.

Each time it has only been gone for a couple of weeks at the most. I've just gotten so used to having it that when it's gone, I feel like I'm missing a limb or something.

I don't have many pictures of me without one, but I'll post one that I have soon.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

These pics are classic. And I might have to dig up a few of my own to emb....share myself! :)


(and I linked you on mah blog today!)

Dr. Zoltar said...

Other styles that were cool in the 80's:

Rat Tails (I had one, check)
Trench Coat (Check)
Quotes from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (Check)
Member's Only Jacket (Check)
Flock of Seagulls hair style (once on a dare, Check)
The 'Boz haircut (um, no, I was never that lame)