Aug 4, 2008

.... And Then I Ended Up In Bed With Two Younger Women

Friday was kind of a melancholy day as I mentioned in that day's post.
Hotness took it pretty well, considering.

That afternoon after work, I went to visit my friend Dug and his wife and kids.
I hadn't seen them in a while and I needed to drop something off for him so I popped over to say 'hi' and hang out for a bit.

They were babysitting another little girl, and had their hands full keeping them entertained.
Aside from ZEN, who's only about 3 months old now, the other two were busy stringing beads and making necklaces, dancing, and doing whatever else 2-year-old little girls like to do to stay busy.

At one point, we all went outside where they drew on the sidewalk with chalk.
I'm not an artist but how can I refuse being asked to draw...
1. a banana (in purple)
2. a truck
3. a strawberry
4. a flower
5. a spaceship
6. hopscotch squares
and I also traced around them, so that it looked liked a crime scene on the sidewalk with little chalk outlines of small people laying around.

One of the little girls 'tooted', which was quite funny so I taught them both to say it was a "butt trumpet"... much to their parents dismay. (I'm such a good role-model)

It was finally getting close to bedtime, so they got their PJ's on and I was asked to read them their bedtime stories.
We read:
The Hungry Caterpillar
Would You Rather Be A Bullfrog?
Goodnight Moon
and another story which the title escapes me, but had something to do with a kid named Hooper Humperdink

I sat on the bed between them and read, while they pointed out what was happening in the pictures.
After the fourth book even I was getting sleepy, so they got tucked into the covers and we all said 'goodnight'.

And THAT'S how I ended up in bed with a couple of younger women.

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