Aug 15, 2008

When Out On The Lawn There Arose Such A Clatter....

Last night, after Hotness and I had finished dinner and each had a bowl of ice cream, we were sitting on the couch watching a DVD.
The cat was on her lap and we were just relaxing.

When all of the sudden we heard "CRASH!"
It sounded like broken glass.

Hotness scooped up the cat and put her in the bathroom, then ran back to the living room to get some boots on. I grabbed a flashlight and my shoes and we both headed outside to see what happened (which we assumed was the bear again).

Shining the flashlight all around where we heard the noise, we didn't see any movement. Nor did we hear the now familiar shuffling of big paws running on the gravel road.

"It sounded like glass breaking," said Hotness.
"I know. Maybe it was some used windows I had near the bird feeders," I replied, hoping that it was that and not my car windows (which are low to the ground... about bear height).
But the windows were intact.

Then I saw some movement under the bird feeders.
"Wait a sec! I see something!" I said. Hotness scooted in behind me as I crept forward to get a better look.
"It's a raccoon! Dammit!" I exclaimed.

It had climed up the tree and knocked not only the bird feeder off the branch but also the metal hook that was holding it there.
When the hook hit the feeder as they both hit the ground, it sounded like breaking glass.

Relieved it wasn't a bear I proceed to wave my arms about and chase the raccoon into the woods, yelling gibberish just to scare it off.

Now outside, I figured I'd better get my camping gear out of our pumphouse, since I was going
to go camping this weekend.
Hotness kept me company (just in case any bears were watching) and stayed near the cars next to the house.

Oh, did I mention what she was wearing?
She had on a tank top, a pair of my boxer shorts and a pair of black rubbber boots.
Fashion, baby. That's what I'm talking about.

Anyway, all was going well for a couple of minutes until a car came up into our driveway.
It turned out to be our neighbors who live behind us and of course... they had to drive right by where Hotnes was standing.

She tried to hide behind the car, but they stopped to ask how things were going and then asked why she was hiding. Busted!

She came out from behind the car, in all her fashionista glory and we all talked for a bit.
While we all catching up with the latest (bear update, camping, etc...) I noticed some movement further up the driveway.
I asked my neighbor to turn his headlights on for a moment.
"A-ha! More raccoons!" and I took off running and yelling at them.

Afterwards, they headed up to their house and we went inside.
I mentioned to Hotness "You know, I'm beginning to figure out why some of our neighbors just drive on by and don't stop to chat."

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