Aug 11, 2008

Green Machine & Hungry Bears

Kind of an interesting afternoon when I got off work today.

I left work and headed over to a friend's house to dig up some raspberry and strawberry plants.
She's planning on re-doing that particular garden bed and is getting rid of her berry plants.
So, with shovel in hand, I dug up a few and brought them home in my car.

There really weren't that many plants, but with my car it seemed like a jungle!

Then, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items for dinner before heading home.
I called Hotness (who was down the road from our house, at the barn with friends) and told her I'd be home in a jiffy.
I met her on the road right before I got to the house, but with my car as packed as it was with plants, there was no room to give her a lift.

I started up our driveway when I saw... a bear!
He was lumbering away from me and up towards our neighbor's property.

I called out to Hotness that I saw it, and she immediately started to freak out. I drove up the driveway and chased it, honking my horn to scare it off. Which turned out not to be my smartest move, as my back window was covered by raspberry plants and I couldn't see out of it to back down to my parking area. I managed, and then walked Hotness to the house. She was on the phone notifying all the neighbors.

We went inside and she was making some more calls, when not less than an hour later.... there it was again in our yard! It had been trying to get into my birdseed (and succeeded) and had come back for more. This time I got some video of it before I chased it off again.

Sorry it's not any better than that, but it's the best I could get under the circumstances.

It's kind of a medium-sized bear, maybe 300 lbs. or so.
He's about the same size as the ones in these photos, only a smidge larger.

We're trying to get hold of animal control or some agency that can come out and trap this poor thing and relocate it. Last thing we need is a bear getting too comfortable with being around people and not being afraid of them anymore.

3 things people had to say:

qtilla said...

When I am I invited out to the Ferretnick Animal Preserve?! I smell BBQ. And danger!

Elwood said...

Bears taste good...excellent stew meat.

Imperfect said...

A BEAR! Holy cow!