Aug 6, 2008

Hey Mr. DJ Put Some Records On

Many of us remember the old Fisher-Price record player. (and by "us", I mean anyone 25 years and older)

This was a great toy and it looks like they are bringing it back so we can play with it again when no one is looking... er, get it for our kids (or our friend's kids, etc..).

But as cool as it was back in the day, THIS is way cooler!
New School DJ Mixer w/ 2 Scratch Discs
Just let the little ones get a microphone and they can start mixin' it up as soon as they can start walking.
Imagine having a house party and your four-year-old is laying down beat after beat like John Digweed!

You gotta start 'em out young if they're ever going to develop their skillz.
Fo' shizzle!

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