Aug 27, 2008

Still White & Nerdy

I'm loyal to Weird Al like fans of the Grateful Dead.

So when I found out he was coming to do a concert here again, I got tickets right away.

This time it was Hotness and myself joined by Technogreek and his brother, George.
We got pretty good seats just left of center stage with a decent view.
This was my 5th time seeing him live and Hotness has joined me for four of those concerts.
T & G had never been to a show, but I assured them that is was a guaranteed good time.

The day itself was pretty uneventful.
I had taken the day off, as we had planned on spending the day at the fair and then seeing the concert. But those plans got changed at the last minute the night before.
So instead, I slept in. Had some breakfast. Then got ready to meet the guys at the Comic Stop in Redmond that afternoon.

The day was nice. Blue sky and sunny. That evening looked to be just as good.

I met them and then we headed back to my house to drop off my car (they can both attest to how far out in the sticks I live!) and then we drove to the Fair.

It started getting overcast, but still no rain.

We had a couple of hours to kill before the seats were open for the concert so we walked around the fairgrounds looking for something to eat and checking out the various booths.

The Weird Al concert was being presented by KISS 106.1 FM. I stopped by their booth to see if there was any way to get backstage passes to meet the band.
Me: "Hi! I hear you folks are presenting the Weird Al concert tonight."
Booth worker #1: "We are?"
Booth worker #2: "What concert?"
Me: "The Weird Al concert. You're even printed on the ticket as presenting him for the fair"
Booth worker #1: "We are? Hey, are we presenting Weird Al in concert?"
Booth worker #3: "Who?"
Booth worker #2: "Weird Al."
Booth worker #3; "Uh... yeah. I guess so. Is there something I can do for you?"
Me: "No. Thanks. Just checking."

We spied a funny-looking sign that appreared to be misprinted:

But it turned out that it was actually what it advertised:

Technogreek got the Pespi and a deep-fried Snickers.
I just got a deep-fried Twinkie.

I can honestly say...
Now that I've had one, I NEVER need to eat another one. I felt like I needed to take a shower after I ate it. It's not that it tasted bad, I just felt so dirty afterwards.

I needed something to drink so I got my yearly Purple Cow.
Hotness soon joined us (she had to work that day and met up with us later), then we four split up briefly.
Hotness went to get a corn dog and some ice cream , while I got a water.
Technogreek and George went to get their sweatshirts from the car before the concert started.

It was now time for the gates to open, so we went to our seats just in time for the rain to start falling.
Here are before the show:

and here's the stage from our seats:

Weird Al performing "Fat" in his costume.

It rained the ENTIRE time we were there, and he thanked everyone for being good sports and sticking around for 2 hours in the rain.

After the show, we all walked back to the cars and went our separate ways home.
I had a good time as always, despite being wet, and I think everyone else did as well. At least they were still smiling when the show was over.

Another year of not getting to meet Weird Al, but I'm not giving up. I'll try again next time.

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